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Behind The Brand




Toni's story began in 2015, at the start of her journey as a make up artist; A dream turned into passion and passion led her here. Gaining years of experience and knowledge within the industry along the way. 

 A true believer in "the inside shows out", her ambition in makeup has and always will be to not only make people look amazing, but feel it too. It was always more than just makeup for Toni. 

 Toni's efforts have not gone unnoticed, receiving countless testimonials, not to mention winning multiple awards for her work and expertise. 

 But she always wanted more... Don't we all? 


Enter Co Artistry Tools... 

As a working makeup artist Toni thought about how many brush sets have been purchased over the years, how many spare brushes have sat in her pro and personal kit with hardly a use, because sets are often made up with a few key items and then others get put aside. 

 Finding this very frustrating and costly!

 Toni wanted to create tools which she knew would each have an important place in your kit, whether that be as a professional, beginner or in your personal makeup bag.

 Each of them have been designed by Toni, right down to the sizing, length and shape of the fibres, giving each brush a range of uses. 

 Made with the highest quality fibres creating the most perfect blend and doing the hard work for you.

 All Co Artistry products have been through rigorous testing & trials and we just know you will love them as much as we do. 


  Did we say we always want more?... 

 All Co Artistry Tools are completely Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

 Why vegan? this is something we knew we wanted for the brand from the beginning and felt in a world with so much technology using animal hair is really not necessary.

 We wanted to share some insight into the "cruelty free" status as feel this is sometimes misunderstood.  

 Please follow the links if you would like to know more information. 

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Animal by-products


We are confident that this decision will be a welcome one and another great addition to the market.